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A quintessential Grandma Thanksgiving song for the ages, ‘Mystery Ride to Grandma’s‘ by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall…

Literati Night! Gone Marshall will be reading and performing some original poems and creative writings at…

The music video for ‘Hyacinth’, the 2nd track on Gone Marshall’s 2018 EP release ‘Bad Guys‘,…

GIG: Gone Marshall, accompanied by Special Guests, will play SHOWBOX, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Southeast Asia Friday…

Gone Marshall will be reading some original prose and / or poetry at the May 2018…

‘Bad Guys’, an original indie pop track by Gone Marshall, has won 3rd prize at the…

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I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • One silent moment. #shotoniphone
  • One day I’ll fly away...
  • Looking back on my career as a Photographer, it is nice to see my photography development. From fine art series now, to back in the early days, where I began experimenting with Adobe Photoshop in a fun way for the very first time. What will the future bring? For me, Photoshop was a defining tool all through my photography career, I realized it was possible to bring imaginary things to life. Anything was possible to create with Photoshop. 
Thank you @adobe and @Photoshop. I can’t imagine implementing my creative ideas without you now. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! Here’s to many more inspiring years to come! 🥂✨ #PsILoveYou30 #adobe #photoshop
  • Sweet dreams 🤍 #shotoniphone
  • A cloudy day. ☁️ #cloudscapeseries
  • Layers of #rotterdam
  • This image is taken with my newest travelbuddy, the Canon Powershot G7X mark III. Fog rolled in which gave me some tranquil magic to capture. I was happily surprised to see such results in very low light conditions! 
#canonnederland #travelphotography #g7xmIII #powershot #silence #rotterdam
  • Here is where I found Silence... This image is called ‘Bordered’ from my Dutch Silence II series. The series are created out of interest for the absence of sound witnessed in many different locations. Capturing the feeling invoked by the place, all these places have a certain tranquility where remoteness stands out. To see the whole series, check out in the link in my bio. (Limited edition prints are also available). #silence #dutchsilenceII
  • Yesterday the news arrived that flamingos had landed just nearby from where I live. Of course, I had to see it for myself. They seem to be coming from Germany and are probably making a stopover before they move to further areas. What a beautiful sight it was seeing these birds in the foggy Dutch landscape. 😍
  • I was testing out the new Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III when this happened.😍The perfect colors appeared right in front of me. This small compactcamera will be with me during my travels to capture those unexpected moments like this. ✨

#canonnederland #travelphotography #G7XMarkIII #powershot
  • Views on the beautiful Kinbane Castle and Headland, Co. Antrim. ☘️ #shotoniphone
  • It is time to cool down with the release of my newest photo series ‘Frozen Silence’. I am excited to have finally finished them. ‘Frozen Silence’ was inspired by the natural beauty of Sweden and the area of Hemavan-Tärnaby which I visited some time ago, captured during the bitterly cold month of December. Temperatures dropped below -15 degrees Celsius and snow regularly fell, adding to the already thick layers of purest white snow. Check out the link in my bio to see more.👆🏻 #frozensilence #silence