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Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall - 'Hey Miss Clementine' is an Indie Power Pop Song by Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall
Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall - 'Seven Steps West' is an Alt-Country / Folk Track by Singer Songwriter Gone Marshall
Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall - 'Bad Guys' is an EP with eponymous title track by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall
'The Crunch' is the debut album by singer songwriter Gone Marshall

Gone Marshall is a singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist playing in a range of genres including alternative rock and folk, neopsychedelic, alt-country, and spoken word.

Gone Marshall’s sound has been variously described as sounding like: a ‘Trippy Leonard Cohen’ / Lou Reed / Teenage Fanclub / Frank Black / Johnny Cash / Frank Sinatra / the Kinks / Ian McCullough (Echo and the Bunnymen), The Magnetic Fields (vocals) and others. Check out the Music Page and Hear for Yourself 🙂

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Deep Feels and Gut Thrills

“Strong Vocals Here, and Solid Songwriting” – Greywood Records

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