Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall Recording 'Bad Guys'

Gone Marshall is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and vocalist playing in a range of genres including alternative rock and folk, neopsychedelic, alt-country, and spoken word.

His sounds has been variously described as similar to: Ian McCullough & The Magnetic Fields (vocal qualities) / Pavement / a ‘Trippy version of Leonard Cohen’ / Lou Reed / Teenage Fanclub / Frank Black / Matthew Sweet / Johnny Cash / Nico / The Kinks / .. and a few others.

Originally from the US, he has spent the past decade-plus in the ASEAN region (Southeast Asia), where he continues to self-produce original music in between prosocial media projects and teaching.

Factoid: Gone Marshall spent two decades working as a filmmaker before pivoting full time to music and songwriting over a decade ago. The result is evocative, image-driven musical storytelling with roots in alternative folk and rock, neopsychedelia, and spoken word.

Gone Marshall is a Singer-Songwriter, Lyricist and Producer | gonemarshall.comReleases to date include: ‘The Crunch’ (album), ‘Bad Guys’ (EP), ‘Argosy’ (EP), ‘KLEEN’ (EP), and numerous singles including recent tracks ‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’ , ‘Hey Miss Clementine’, ‘Seven Steps West’ and others.

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