New Song ‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’ by Gone Marshall Celebrates Local New York City Neighborhood Hero

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Listeners yearning for less complex times and ‘old school’ neighborhood heroes will find meaning in new song, ‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’, by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall.

Singer-songwriter Gone Marshall, known for a distinct narrative lyrical style ala David Byrne, Lou Reed and John Prine, is releases his new alternative single, ‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’ on December 11, 2020.

The song, which pivots from settled, intimate folk to soaring Pink Floyd-style neopsychedelic crescendos, celebrates an old-school, ‘everyday’ neighborhood hero of New York while calling attention to the demographic changes that have taken place in New York over the years.

‘Bazooka Joe’ centers on Greenwich Village’s MacDougal street in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and lyrically revolves around a well-known neighborhood variety and mailbox shop, ‘Something Special’.

“‘Bazooka Joe’ was inspired by a neighborhood hero I knew in New York’s Greenwich Village back in the early 2000’s, Leonard Cecere”, explains Gone Marshall. “He ran a superb old-school corner store called ‘Something Special’ on the corner of MacDougal and Houston for many years. It’s gone now, and Lenny has passed away… learning of his passing was a spark that led me to write the song, actually.

I had a mailbox there, and it turns out, so did quite a number of celebrities and notables. His shop was a bit dog-eared, but it had a lot of character – something that’s gone a bit missing over the years. Anyway, he told me once how he guarded a bridge with a bazooka during the Battle of the Bulge, and that’s how the song got its name.”

‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’ releases on Spotify and other platforms on December 11th. Instant pre-saves of the song can be claimed on Spotify

“There’s theatrics in the music…Evocative of images, feelings, places…”

– The Rock Philosopher

‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live There Any More’ was produced by Jason Rosette of Camerado Music & Media


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Gone Marshall is a singer-songwriter, lyricist and vocalist who spent two decades working as a filmmaker before pivoting full time to music and songwriting over a decade ago. The result is evocative, image-driven musical storytelling with roots in alternative folk and rock, neopsychedelia, and spoken word poetry. He has released a debut album (‘The Crunch’), several EPs, and numerous singles to date.  ‘Bazooka Joe Don’t Live Here Any More’ is his latest release, and is slated to drop on December 11, 2020.  Presave the song on Spotify HERE: