Animal Rescue Song: Cat Rescue & Pet Adoption Celebrated in New Indie Pop Song by Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall


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Singer-songwriter Gone Marshall, known for a distinct lyrical style which highlights everyday heroes around us, celebrates adopted and rescue pets with his new track, ‘Hey Miss Clementine’, set for release on all platforms on July 16, 2021

With a sound reminiscent of such disparate acts as The Magnetic Fields, The Beach Boys, The Kinks, and Frank Black (to name a few), singer-songwriter Gone Marshall’s new track ‘Hey Miss Clementine’ brings an upbeat and retro indie pop sensibility to bear on the important issue of animal and pet rescue.

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In the case of ‘Hey Miss Clementine’, the heroine and namesake of the song is a likeable female cat found at a pagoda in Cambodia.  Her counterpart (briefly mentioned in the song) is another rescued animal named ‘Flash Gordon’, found as a stray kitten outside a mini mart in the capitol of Phnom Penh.

“I didn’t set out to make an animal rescue song, actually”, reveals singer-songwriter Gone Marshall. “I found a little female stray cat at a pagoda near my flat, and I brought her home as a friend for my other adopted cat, Flash Gordon. I gave her the name ‘Miss Clementine’, as I recall, because she reminded me of a little orange.  Anyway, she had such a nice little smile on her face, that I found myself greeting her each day, saying ‘Hey Miss Clementine, how are you today?’.

“Gradually, a whole story and semi-mythological street narrative evolved around that initial song stem, and it became a complete song in itself”, explains Gone Marshall. “It’s OK if folks listen to ‘Hey Miss Clementine’ or sing along without knowing precisely who Miss Clementine is – that makes the tune even more universal. But if the song encourages pet and animal rescue, adoption, and placement in nice homes…that’s great too!”

‘Hey Miss Clementine’

Lyrics, Vocals, and Composition by Gone Marshall

Guitar: Jake Bisognin
Bass: Alan Reynolds
Drums: Santiago Ortolá

Produced by Jason Rosette / Camerado Media (c) 2021


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