Gone Marshall’s memorable and hooky original alternative / neopsych soft rock song, ‘BAD GUYS*’ (2018), has been on Spotify ever since its release on the Gone Marshall EP, ‘Argosy‘.

'Bad Guys' is and EP with eponymous title track by singer-songwriter Gone MarshallEveryone in Gone Marshall land is now happy to let listeners know that the online session players platform, Airgigs, has featured ‘Bad Guys’ on its ‘Airgigs Alternative’ playlist as ‘Bad Guys’ continues to make waves

Check it out on Spotify or direct link at https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2MsjlHLRVIZjVPfdHaBuTl

As one of 14 Songs to make the cut, Gone Marshall and friends are all pleased to be on the Airgigs Alternative playlist; be sure to visit Spotify and Airgigs whenever you feel the need to hear and make music, respectively 🙂