A Grandma Thanksgiving Song for the Ages: 'Mystery Ride to Grandma's by Singer-Songwriter Gone MarshallA quintessential Grandma Thanksgiving song for the ages, ‘Mystery Ride to Grandma’s‘ by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall combines heartfelt lyrics with a psych-folk and alternative country backbone which is catchy, hooky, and perfect for any roadtrip or mystery ride to grandma’s (even if it’s not Thanksgiving!)

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“I wrote this song as an homage to the many Thanksgiving trips I took to Grandma’s house when I was a kid back in Ohio”, explains singer-songwriter Gone Marshall. “At that point in a kid’s life, Grandma is a sort of mythical, god-like creature, statue-esque, a supra-normal version of a regular Mom or Dad. A bit hard to figure out – a bit mysterious.  Why so kind?  Why all the cartoons?  Why the extra attention?  And so forth.”

The perfect Thanksgiving Grandma song? 'Mystery Ride to GRandma's by Gone Marshall

“The family journey to get to Grandma’s is epic and far flung, I think no matter where a kid lives or whether or not they celebrate Thanksgiving for that matter. When we’d all head over to Grandma’s on Thanksgiving, through the slush and snow, from small town to big city, it was really our (as kids) first exposure to the city, to the world outside… passing strange cars, seeing strange people out the window, churning down black mushy highways.”

“As the song suggests, it was epic, exciting – and mysterious.  To arrive at last at Grandma’s on Thanksgiving and to behold her sitting in front of a basted turkey, holding a massive drumstick in the air (*she always got the drumstick), was to me, probably to equivalent of Achilles arriving on the shores of Troy to behold a monolithic Athenian statue.”

Thanksgiving Song for Grandma: 'Mystery Ride to Grandma's by Gone Marshall“Hence the part of the song that says, ‘maybe I’ll make her my bride’. It’s an expression of unmodulated, globular love. In the kid’s mind, the shades of love are not as refined as they are with an adult.  I could love Grandma as a mother,  I could love her as a friend to play cards with.  Or: I could marry her as well.”

Mystery Ride to Grandma’s‘ is one of five catchy and memorable tracks on Gone Marshall’s 2nd EP of 2018, ‘ARGOSY‘. Featuring loping rolling guitars and a thread of fluttering female background vocals, the track is reminiscent of the Byrds, Johnny Cash, and a dose of neo-psych Shoegaze sensibility.

Although ‘Mystery Ride to Grandma’s‘ is a great Thanksgiving Grandma song, it’s also fabulous for road trips or general listening any time of the year, anywhere in the world!