The H2 Music Festival took place in Hong Kong, featuring a performance by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall at the renowned venue, The Wanch. The festival is a celebration of the city’s diverse music scene, with a focus on both expat-centric English-language bands and local Cantonese musicians.

Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall plays original songs at the 2023 H2 Festival in Hong Kong |

Gone Marshall plays a 30+ minute set of (mainly) original songs, including ‘Bad Guys’, ‘Mystery Ride to Grandma’s’, ‘There Goes my Mind Again’, ‘The Crunch’, and OthersListen to the set here on Youtube

Established in 1987, The Wanch has become the spiritual home of the Hong Kong Island music scene. Every year since 2010, the venue has hosted the H2 festival, which has grown to become the largest and longest-running showcase of local talent in the city. Although the festival was put on hold in 2019 due to unforeseen circumstances, it made a triumphant return this year in a brand new location.

Gone Marshall in Hong Kong

The H2 Music Festival spanned six days, featuring a total of 56 acts, including a showcase by the Aspire Music School and surprise pop-up performances by “punk poets”. One of the unique aspects of the festival is that each artist is given a maximum of 30 minutes on stage, allowing audiences to experience the music of multiple bands in a single day.

List of acts playing at the 2023 H2 Music Festival in Hong Kong; Singer-Songwriter Gone Marshall was one of the few international acts, flying in from Phnom Penh, Cambodia thanks to Cathay Pacific ‘World of Winners’

Keith Goodman, co-owner of The Wanch and festival director of H2, expressed his excitement about the event, stating, “You get a whole year of music crammed into one week. And for bands, there’s no excuses – if you can’t play six songs, you shouldn’t be doing it.”

The lineup of the festival featured a diverse range of artists, from established acts to up-and-coming talents. Some of the standout performers included Brother Plainview, known for their emo-inspired sound, the powerful trio Meatgasm, the psych-rock group The Lemon Ones, and the enigmatic space rock newcomers The King of Pig Bones. The festival also showcased live cover bands such as Rockstars Anonymous, Powerful Moss, and the Black Sabbath tribute band Supernaut.

Phnom-penh Cambodia Singer-songwriter Gone Marshall arrives at The Wanch club in Wanchai district, Hong Kong, to play at the 2023 H2 Music Festival.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, H2 managed to attract 75 bands to apply for the limited performance slots. While this number was lower than previous years, it is a testament to the resilience and dedication of the local music community. Goodman acknowledged the impact of the pandemic on the music scene, saying, “During Covid, a lot of people left – and you only need one person out of four to leave for a band to be over.”

The H2 Music Festival marked the first event held at The Wanch’s new location on the corner of Jaffe Road and Luard Road. The venue, often referred to as the “Wanch Rock Cafe” by regulars, offers a spacious environment, professional sound system, and a delectable menu, a significant upgrade from its previous incarnation.

Group photo of participating musicians at the 2023 H2 Music Festival in Hong Kong. Phnom Penh musician Gone Marshall (front, right center), flew in from Cambodia thanks to Cathay Pacific |

Gone Marshall showcased original songs like “Bad Guys,” “Mystery Ride to Grandma’s,” “There Goes My Mind Again,” and “A Girl Named Momi”. His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics left a lasting impression on the festival-goers.